How do I use an e-gift card or plastic gift card to make a purchase on the website?

E-cards and plastic gift cards can be used to pay for website orders, however, the website currently cannot accept them at this time. But, we have a solution and you will be able to use your gift card for your online order! Here is how it works: We must send you an email invoice for the order instead of processing the sale directly through the website. Follow these steps for quickest processing: 1. Contact us either by sending an email message through the website or by calling/texting our store cell phone during normal business hours. (720)266-9395. 2. In the email, voicemail or text- please include the following information: - Full Name - Email you would like the invoice sent to - Name(s) and sizes of all items - Zip code - If you prefer to use curbside pick up, please add that as well You will promptly receive an invoice by email and as soon as we are notified that the invoice has been paid, we will process the order to be shipped.